Keller Electrical Industries, Inc. is a leading provider of industrial electrical services, equipment, components, and supplies serving the Southwest United States since 1982. Our wide range of technical services include electric motor repair, custom motor control manufacturing, electrical construction, electrical design and a vast array of field services.

At Keller Electrical Industries, service is our tradition and our commitment to the customer establishes the trust and quality you expect from a professional electrical services provider. Keller Electrical provides a complete range of services and we have always prided ourselves on customer satisfaction and have continually diversified to meet the needs of our customer.


Keller Electrical was founded in June of 1982 and its services at that time encompassed all types and sizes of electric motors, generators and transformers. The Company originally consisted of only eleven team members and has since grown to over one hundred dedicated professionals and still includes several of its original associates. In 1985, Keller Electrical expanded operations by opening a control and electrical manufacturing and construction services division.

Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple - to be the absolute best industrial electrical service provider in the markets we serve and to offer our customers a one-stop solution for their entire industrial electrical service and equipment needs. Service is our Tradition and Keller Electrical maintains customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products and services. We continually work to prove to our associates that they truly are our Company's greatest resource.

Management Team

We have one of the most well rounded and experienced group of professionals in the electrical industry. Our skill sets cross multiple disciplines in all aspects of the electrical industry including all types and sizes of electric motors, generators, transformers and blowers including the use of diagnostic techniques surrounding computerized vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, laser alignment, transformer and switchgear repair and machining, design services and testing procedures, water and waste water treatment, aggregate mining operations, industrial power facilities, clean energy technology, system integration, instrumentation control, communication systems and production flow and industrial process facilities.


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