Keller Electrical Design

In addition to performing traditional electrical construction, at Keller Electrical we have the capabilities to design to your specifications-power distribution, system control, and automation. Keller Electrical can take your electrical project through all the necessary phases, from customer verbal specification, to written specification, to design and all the way through construction and commissioning. Keller Electrical has the expertise to deliver quality design services. Our approach is always customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers. At Keller Electrical, our attention to detail and quality ensures our work will always meet and often times exceed our customers' expectations. Our projects are supervised by professional engineers to ensure success. Keller knows electrical design.

24 hours a day / 7 days a week, Keller Electrical is ready to respond to your needs.

A summary list of electrical design services is listed here:

  • Electric Motor Repair Design
    • AC Motors
    • DC Motors
    • Generators
  • Transformer Repair Design
  • Power Distribution Design
    • Energy Management
  • Industrial Controls
    • Design, Plan and Implement Plant Electrical and Control Additions and/or Modifications
    • Design, Program and Install PLC Based Control Systems
  • Value Engineering
    • Pre-contract Design Review
    • Pre-contract Budgeting
    • Equipment Applications

At Keller Electrical our design systems maximize efficiency, often resulting in less labor and a lower installed cost. Our technicians, engineers and design team are a professional and safety conscious work force. Keller Electrical has a history of successfully completing sophisticated electrical installations.